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  • Published: July 10, 2023

Finding suitable support for your business can be a challenging endeavor. It’s common to come across applicants who appear perfect on paper but underperform in their roles. Equally frustrating are team members who excel in their positions but unexpectedly decide to leave your company after a short period. If you can relate to these situations, it’s time to revamp your interview process.

In our recent blog post, we discussed three interview techniques to help you find the right individuals for your company. Today, I will delve into more unique hiring methods that can assist you in identifying and retaining the best talent for your business.

Utilize Behavioral Assessments to Determine Fit While nobody possesses a crystal ball to predict how well an applicant will fit within your company and role, various online behavioral assessments can provide valuable insights based on their personality profiles. When you believe you have identified potential candidates, consider requesting them to complete the DISC profile assessment or the Kolbe Index personality test. These assessments take less than 30 minutes to finish and provide a detailed analysis of an applicant’s personality, leadership style, communication approach, and preferred work assignments. You would cover the costs of these tests.

Compare the candidate’s personality assessment with the requirements of the role they are applying for. Does their personality align with someone who would thrive in the position? Are they outgoing and people-oriented or more introverted with exceptional mathematical skills? Does their personality match the demands of a customer-facing role or would they be better suited for behind-the-scenes project management? If you have multiple team members, consider having each of them complete an assessment to help you form a cohesive team that not only appears compatible on the surface but also shares genuinely complementary personality traits. These assessments can also help identify any gaps in beneficial traits within your team, such as strong leadership skills or a willingness to challenge others’ ideas. Ultimately, adapting to each other’s work and communication styles fosters a more harmonious work environment.

Offer Trial Periods to Candidates and Team Members Allow your existing team to have the final say. Since they will be working closely with the new hire, it’s essential to gather their initial impressions. Introduce the applicant to the team before their first day and encourage your team members to provide feedback on their initial interactions. If you are hiring your first employee, give the applicant a tour of your company to gauge their interest in your day-to-day operations, even if it isn’t directly related to their specific role.

If everything goes well during the initial interactions, consider offering the candidate a trial period of employment. The length of this trial can range from 30 to 90 days, depending on the job’s learning curve and the amount of training you wish to invest before the trial period ends. Clearly document the terms of the trial employment agreement, stating that either party can terminate the position if the working relationship isn’t a good fit. This approach allows you to observe the candidate in the role over time, providing insight into their genuine personality, interactions with your team and clients, and initial indications of their performance. Moreover, it offers the candidate an opportunity to experience the position firsthand and determine if they truly enjoy the work. The goal is to find someone who not only fits the job but is also enthusiastic and fulfilled by their contributions to your company.

Addressing Misaligned Hires If, by some chance, the person you hired doesn’t turn out to be a good fit (assuming you followed the aforementioned process, which minimizes this likelihood), it’s important to handle the situation professionally. Notify the individual that you believe they aren’t the right match for the role, providing reasons if necessary.

Seek Reliable Business and Hiring Guidance Hiring team members is crucial for business growth while allowing you to focus on what you love. However, finding the right people can pose significant challenges, and making the wrong hiring decision can consume valuable time and resources. As your Personal Family Lawyer®, I understand the obstacles faced by small business owners when it comes to hiring. I also recognize that hiring an employee goes beyond merely adding another pair of hands; it involves bringing someone into your company family. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that the person you choose aligns with your company goals, culture, and long-term vision for business growth.

If you’re unsure about how to hire your next team member or struggling to develop an effective interview system to attract ideal candidates, I’m here to help. Let’s have a conversation and create a plan to find the assistance you need and build a long-lasting team that feels like a second family. Schedule a free 15-minute call.

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