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  • Published: July 5, 2023

If you want to expand your business or have more free time, the most effective solution is to hire support. When hiring, it is crucial to have reliable team members who can manage your business in your absence. This is essential for being a successful entrepreneur and avoiding burnout.

However, the hiring process can be overwhelming, and hiring the wrong person can be a significant drain on your time, resources, and energy. Hiring someone who doesn’t fit well with your team, lacks dedication to your business, or leaves unexpectedly after a short period can cause various problems.

If you are unsure about the initial steps in hiring or if the traditional interviewing process is not yielding the desired results, you should consider the following ideas. Implementing them can lead to satisfactory outcomes.

  1. Streamline the applicant pool with pre-interview tasks:

   – Mistakes on resumes, such as typos or missing information, can be red flags. Attention to detail and the ability to follow instructions are vital skills for any job.

   – Include specific instructions in the job post, such as asking applicants to include a particular phrase in the subject line or follow up after a week.

   – Failure to follow these instructions can be grounds for eliminating applicants from consideration.

   – Assign additional tasks to shortlisted candidates to assess their ability to follow complex directions and fit into your company culture even before the interview stage.

  1. Thoroughly check references:

   – Asking for references is important but often overlooked.

   – Verify the authenticity of the references by confirming the names and roles of the individuals mentioned.

   – Instead of asking generic questions, inquire about the applicant’s duties and the reference’s supervisory role.

   – Ask unconventional questions that provide deeper insights into the applicant’s character and work ethic.

   – Pay attention to how the reference responds and whether their answers are genuine or evasive.

  1. Observe the applicant’s behavior and interactions:

   – Consider conducting interviews in a more natural setting, like a coffee shop or restaurant, to make the applicant feel at ease.

   – Notice how the applicant treats others, such as servers and customers, and the energy they exude.

   – Look for signs of engagement, attentiveness, and genuine interest in the conversation.

   – Explore personal topics to gauge the applicant’s conversational skills and their ability to build rapport.

   – Assess whether the applicant would fit well within your existing team and company culture.

  1. Seek assistance from a personal family lawyer®:

   – Hiring the right people and understanding the hiring process can be challenging.

   – Seek further guidance in upcoming discussions on interviewing techniques and finding the ideal candidates.

   – If immediate support is needed, schedule a free 15-minute call to explore how a personal family lawyer® can assist you at every stage of your company’s growth.

By following these strategies, you can make informed hiring decisions, ensure that the selected candidates are a good fit, and foster a positive and productive work environment.

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