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  • Published: August 28, 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, fraudsters are capitalizing on advancing tools and technology to exploit victims, particularly seniors. Defend your elderly parents and yourself against these con artists by educating yourself about their tactics. Equip your loved ones with the information they need to safeguard their emotions and assets. In this two-part series, we’ll delve into four of the latest financial scams, shedding light on their strategies and providing actionable steps to shield your parents from potential harm.

  1. The Grandparent Scam: Protecting Emotional and Financial Well-being

Scammers prey on victims’ emotional and mental vulnerabilities, using urgency, alarm, or guilt to manipulate hurried decisions. The emerging “Grandparent Scam” targets senior adults, where fraudsters impersonate grandchildren in distress. They claim urgent need for money to resolve a supposed crisis. By establishing a strong emotional connection, scammers coerce victims into sending money.

These fraudsters often employ AI to mimic voices, adding credibility to their deception. The scam exploits the love and concern parents have for their children and grandchildren, making even tech-savvy parents susceptible.

Tips to Protect Your Parents:

  • Educate parents about not disclosing personal or financial information via text, call, or email.
  • Advise them to verify the caller’s identity before taking any action.
  • Recommend asking personal questions only the real grandchild would know.
  • Encourage parents to contact you before transferring money to anyone.
  • Introduce a family code word or phrase for emergency situations.
  1. Safeguarding Cryptocurrency: Preventing Wallet Key Theft

The cryptocurrency realm offers new investment opportunities, but it also introduces novel risks. Safeguarding crypto assets involves understanding digital wallets, which store passcodes or keys for transactions. Two types of wallets exist: hot (connected to the internet) and cold (offline). The most secure cold wallet is the paper wallet, but losing the keys equates to losing the investment.

How the Scam Operates: Scammers impersonate cryptocurrency representatives or brokers to solicit wallet keys. Once they have the keys, they can access and steal the funds, regardless of the wallet type.

Steps to Protect Your Parents’ Crypto Investments:

  • Stress the importance of not sharing wallet keys with anyone but trusted family members.
  • Ensure you have details about their crypto storage for emergencies.
  • Discuss including crypto information in estate planning to prevent loss.

Prioritizing Your Loved Ones’ Safety

Shielding your parents from these scams necessitates proactive measures. Remain vigilant, arm yourself with knowledge, and foster open communication. Encourage your parents to consult trusted professionals before making financial decisions. Our Personal Family Lawyer firm is here to guide you in safeguarding your family’s financial future. Learn more about protecting your parents from scams by scheduling a call with us today. Stay tuned for the next installment of our series, revealing two more critical financial scams targeting seniors.


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